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Mastermind Café is your community to achieve a sense of belonging and a sense of connection. Identify yourself as one who values purpose and greatness. We support your development, honor your uniqueness, enhance your gifts and talents as we inspire and engage you. We help you navigate challenges, build partnerships, resilience, adaptability, and provide solutions and global networking opportunities.


Facilitate self-accountability, coaching, mentoring, self-reflection, support, and empowerment to achieve better results with integrity, good credibility, and succession. As a servant leader, you have to be held accountable and, in love, keep others accountable. Accountability is crucial to your growth as an effective leader, cultivating trustworthy relationships, and creating a healthy, loyal, and dedicated community.


Inspire a belief system that fulfills your purpose and shapes your vision, belief, mindset, conduct, and character for an empathetic,  ethical, and altruistic culture. What you conceive and believe can be done. Your thoughts are becoming things! If you think you can, you’re going to do it. You may never get what you want, but you’re not going to get anything until you believe in yourself and do it.


Become a lifelong learner and a servant leader to live to the fullest.
Pursue excellence, leadership effectiveness, and self-actualization in love and humility. Well, respect your soft skills. Build communication, relationships, conceptualization, innovative thinking, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Mature in stewardship, kindness, and understanding. Influence others, make an impact, leave a legacy.

As you accept the ‘new norm,’ you need to be engaged, empowered, encouraged, educated, supported, connected, and be cared for.

Mastermind Café, our Servant Leadership, and Social Learning Private Network, our coaching, mentoring, and development are the secret sauce to this paradigm shift!

— Nicola McFadden

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Why Mastermind Café

We’ve put together the right ingredients for your game-changing life, leadership, job, or business plan. 

Are you stumped, frustrated, or struck by a roadblock? Does it seem like others are only moving forward and achieving their aim, vision, and goals when you’re stuck, afraid, and uncertain? 

Mastermind Café is serving the right solutions and empowerment to help your growth, success, and productivity.

Fortune 500 leaders who invest in people's coaching and mentoring 87%
CEOs say coaching and mentoring helped their leadership effectiveness 93%
Great leaders involved in a mastermind, social group or learning community 99%

Come mastermind and learn with us in our café.

Community. Accountability. Faith. Education.

Mind what matters!

We are in a crisis, and we are facing a crisis of leadership. The new era is calling for a new generation of leaders. With business and industry-changing resulting from a global pandemic, innovation, digitization, virtualization, competitiveness, and advanced technology, only individuals and companies who embrace change continue to improve, learn, develop, and thrive.

Both individuals and organizations must prioritize growth by investing in a personal coach, setting goals, and promoting their progress. Build trust and accountability, being equipped, empowered, educated to elevate ineffectiveness, and excellence. However, money is tight, budgets cut, and pockets are bare, while the need for creativity, growth, and learning has increased considerably.

The Mastermind Café offers a novel approach for individuals, communities, and organizations to share world-class courses, coaching, social learning, mentoring, and consulting for your advancement at a fraction of the high cost for corporate coaching, consulting, recruitment, training, and development costs.

Be connected and collaborated as a community without the chaos and confusion of mainstream social media. 

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path!

1 Personal Development
2 Professional Development
3 Leadership Development
4 Organizational Development
Personal Development

Personal Development

Change is an inside-out job. The transformational process starts with self-leadership and self-discovery of one's purpose and identity to two critical questions: "Who am I?" and "To Whom do I belong?" Your response to these two critical questions provides the truth that governs your vision, values, and vow for your self-improvement.

Our personal development program is tailored to your needs. We meet you right where you are, understand your situation and your desired future state. We empower, equip, and elevate you to new dimensions. Reset and pivot your life in the 90-Days transformation program.

Professional Development

Professional Development

The second stage of the transformational model is one-on-one leadership through professional development. This stage involves developing trust once you have mastered self-leadership, renewed mindset, and established life's purpose. Design and live your purposeful life and fulfilling relationships, career, trust, and success goals. 

Change begins from within, rewiring the way you think and act. Real transformation is only possible and sustainable by renewing your mindset - positively influencing your perception, attitude, personality, behavior, and character to nurture and cultivate trusted relationships.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Team leadership is the next stage of the transformational model to love and serve a community and leave a legacy. Hone your servant leadership skills with learning, coaching, mentoring, and support by focusing on relationships and results to build others' significance and success, and your leadership effectiveness.

We develop servant leaders to love, serve, and lead their followers. Leaders make a difference in people's lives, inspiring, impacting, empowering, and influencing others. They pioneer paradigm shifts, add meaning and enrichment to life, inviting others on the journey.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Organizational leadership is the next evolutionary stage in the transformational model. Having mastered self-leadership, on-one leadership, and team leadership, these executives and entrepreneurs develop the organization focusing on strategic renewal, leadership effectiveness, human resource management, and organizational culture.

We help them institutionalize a shared vision by empowering, influencing others, prioritizing people, optimizing performance, productivity, and profitability, building on the legacy to transform individual lives, organizational culture communities, and society.



$ 2433 monthly for 1 year
  • Diagnostics & Goal Setting
  • Professional mastermind cafe
  • Logo Design
  • 12 Personal development skills
  • Personal Leadership
  • Life coaching assignments
  • Monthly private mentoring
  • 1 Interactive session mthly
  • -
  • Real time career & relationships Q & A


$ 4890 monthly for 1 year
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Leaders' mastermind cafe
  • Personal Brand Identity
  • 12 Leadership development skills
  • Team Management
  • Executive coaching + workbooks
  • Bi-weekly private mentoring
  • 2 Interactive sessions mthly
  • -
  • Real time leadership Q & A 


$ 6999 monthly for 1 year
  • Business Diagnostics
  • Business owners mastermind cafe
  •  Brand Management Strategy
  • 12 Organizational development skills
  • Business Strategy
  • Business coaching + toolkit
  • Weekly private mentoring
  • Bi-weeklt project management session
  • 2 hr/mth business consulting
  • Real time problem solving Q & A 

Featured Coach & Consultant

Meet Nicola McFadden

As we once knew, the world has changed, paralyzed by a pandemic, disrupted by digitization, virtualization, globalization, intensified competition, causing paradigm shifts in every industry, business, leadership, and life. Amid these unrelenting shifts and unparalleled obstacles, how can you get innovative and ready to explore new trends?

The only thing that is constant in life is change!
Change is stressful, overwhelming, and demanding, bringing confusion, difficulty, and ambiguity, but undoubtedly full of potential, new business models, and creative opportunities.

As a Transformation Consultant, Change Management, and Leadership Coach, I support organizations, leaders, teams, and professionals to transform, amid the difficulty of the crisis or change—to find and execute new ways to achieve their vision and purpose.

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